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Université Bretagne Loire
Université Bretagne Loire

Université Bretagne Loire

Université Bretagne Loire is a regional network with an international outlook.

France higher education and research greatest cluster

Université Bretagne Loire is a federation, a « community of universities and institutions».

It is a territorial, gathering structure in charge of :

  • Coordinating the diversity of higher education training, existing across Bretagne and Pays de la Loire,
  • Defining and implementing research and innovation strategies,
  • Building new and   common  services and sharing competencies.

Université Bretagne Loire is rooted in its partnership with national research institutions and in its territory.

It smartly develops its strategy thanks to its sound knowledge of its local context, economic sectors and stakeholders.

An increasing level of cooperation


Université Bretagne Loire aims to enhance the scientific and academic potential of Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions and make them more visible at the national and international level.

Université Bretagne Loire ambition is to become a collective intelligence network known for the excellence of its educations, the student life dynamic and coherent environment.

Université Bretagne Loire role is to coordinate policies with regard to research strategy and courses offered.

Université Bretagne Loire members have access to mutualized tools and common services such as an unique European digital campus, a scientific skills search engine, transfer and entrepreneurship services, a European projects support centre.

A shared development strategy with territorial and international partners should boost new projects, getting more funding, and leading growth.