Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology (INL)

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The goal of INL is to encourage world-leading multidisciplinary research in the areas of micro and nanotechnologies and their applications. The pioneering research undertaken at the Institute ranges from materials and technology to devices and systems, thus enabling the emergence of dedicated technologies. The Institute is supported in its work by the Nanolyon Technology Platform. 

The application areas cover major economic sectors: semiconductor industry, information technologies, healthcare and wellbeing, energy and the environment. The laboratory is located on two leading research campuses at Lyon Ouest-Ecully and LyonTech-La Doua. It has personnel of 200 people including 121 permanent staff. INL is one of the key laboratories of the “Université de Lyon” research and higher education centre. For further information, please consult our website https://inl.cnrs.fr

Research is organized in four areas:


Functional oxides on silicon, heterostructures combining semiconductors and crystalline oxides, nanowires (III-V, Ge and oxide), monolithic integration on silicon, functional integration, nanostructuring by electrochemical anodisation, III-V heterostructures for photonics, nanoemitters and nanoprobes, nanocharacterization, physical studies


Single electron devices, Silicon-based nano-devices, functional material-based devices, computing architectures based on emerging technologies, distributed sensor systems, heterogeneous design methods, MEMS, micro- and nano-scale electrical characterisation


Photonic crystals, nanophotonic integration, III-V semiconductor-based MOEMS, silicon solar cells (process, silicon thin-film, nanostructures), optical and electrical characterizations and simulations


Bottom-up nanotechnologies, integrated micro-nano-biosystems, biomedical sensors, intelligent clothing, lab-on-chip, micro-nano-fluidics

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