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LUE - Entanglement and Hydrodynamics in Out-of-Equilibrium One-Dimensional Quantum Gases

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quantum physics, theoretical physics, out-of-equilibrium dynamics, quantum field theory

Subject details

The goal of this PhD thesis will be to explore the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of one-dimensional quantum gases by building on the idea of 'generalized hydrodynamics' and by focusing on quantum fluctuations. The PhD candidate will be directly involved in an active collaboration between LPCT and SISSA and will take part in the developments of this exciting new line of research, which may have important implications for the modeling of existing experiments on quantum gases. The PhD candidate will have the opportunity to learn a large variety of state-of-the-art methods in theoretical physics, ranging from field theory to numerical tensor network methods, while playing a key role in the development of this very active subfield of quantum physics.

Candidate profile

A solid background in theoretical physics, including advanced knowledge of quantum physics as well as notions of quantum field theory, is necessary. The topic comprises a numerical component, therefore good programming skills are also required.

Référence biblio

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LUE - Entanglement and Hydrodynamics in Out-of-Equilibrium One-Dimensional Quantum Gases
34 Cours Léopold Nancy, France
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