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Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Post-doctoral position – University of Nice – ICN
Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
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Localisation: Nice, France
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Post-doctoral position – University of Nice – ICN

European Project H2020 “ECOXY”

ECOXY develop innovative bio-based epoxy resins and fibre reinforcements to produce new sustainable and techno-economically competitive FRTCs by targeting advanced functionalities: reparability, reprocessability and recyclability (3R).The goals of this subject focus on synthesis of new monomers, polymers, resins as well as composites based on new platform chemicals provided by biorefineries or other side-stream derivatives. A major part of this work will be focused on the optimization of epoxy monomers and polymers synthesis. The work will concentrate on the second part in the design and synthesis of recyclable and autorepairable networks. These developments will be supported by structural and physico chemical characterization of the novel molecules and materials.

We are looking for: An organic & macromolecular chemist with strong knowledge of polymer chemistry as well as chemical analysis. The candidate should be motivated and self-driven to work in a dynamic European project environment. The candidate should be computer literate, with very good oral and written English language skills. Therefore, the candidate will be involved to deal with synthesis, reaction mechanism, catalysis, evolution of molar mass, polymerization, recyclability and composite elaboration studies.

To apply (detailed CV + cover letter) please contact Dr. Alice MIJA: Alice.MIJA@unice.fr

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