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Université Paris Diderot
Postdoctoral Position in Microfluidics, Cybergenetics and Synthetic Biology
Université Paris Diderot
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Localisation: Paris, France
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Postdoctoral Position in Microfluidics, Cybergenetics and Synthetic Biology

We are looking for postdoctoral candidates with a background in microfluidics.

Cells are complex, autonomous genetic machines with rich information processing capabilities. Synthetic Biology builds on these properties to design novel, synthetic genetic programs in cells to carry out useful functions. Yet, safety and efficiency issues require creation of synthetic circuits that are reliable over a large range of operating conditions and stable to all sorts of external perturbations. This is a tremendous challenge since the robustness of a genetic circuit is limited by its dependency on the cellular host machinery and the fundamental stochastic nature of gene expression. Taking inspiration from physics and engineering, we are using microfluidics, optogenetics, machine learning and control theory to take control of gene expression and signaling in live cells and pilot robustly and in real time their behavior.

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher to strengthen our research team. Candidates should have an excellent track-record, be passionate about science and ready to work in an international and interdisciplinary research environment. A solid basis in microfluidics is required. Experience in physics, biology, DIY instrumentation, image analysis, coding (e.g. Matlab, python) are welcomed. Postdoctoral funding comes from an ERC grant.

Starting date: March 2019 | Deadline for application: open until filled

To apply please send a motivation letter, a CV, and emails of two references.


Pascal Hersen

Email: pascal.hersen@univ-paris-diderot.fr  | Web: http://lab513.fr/labr

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team working on the physics of living systems. A Common theme in our research projects is the study of how information flows in biological systems, from signaling pathways in single cells, to collective processes in embryogenesis and multicellular organisms. We use microfabrication, microfluidics, synthetic biology, fluorescence microscopy and mathematical modeling to study and interact with living cells and organisms. Our long-term goal is to improve our ability to interact and control live cells in real time and to create bio-hybrid machines. We are pioneer in this novel field of research called Cybergenetics. Our team is part of the MSC laboratory in the Physics department of the University Paris Diderot (Paris, France) and benefits from state of the art core facilities, an excellent research environment and the support of several grant agencies.


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