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Serra Húnter Programme (SHP)
Serra Húnter Programme (SHP)
The SHP is part of a new academic staff model that the Government of Catalonia is promoting to reinforce the internationalisation of the Catalan universities, with the ultimate goal of consolidating Catalonia as the knowledge hub of Southern Europe.
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Date limite d'inscription: sept. 16
Localisation: Barcelona, Espagne
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The Serra Húnter Programme (SHP) is offering a total of 118 contracts as tenure-eligible lecturer and 4 as associate professor at the public universities of Catalonia (Spain). Positions are available in different fields of study including architecture, arts, biology, chemistry, communication, computer science, economics, education, engineering, geology, humanities, law, mathematics, medicine, pharmacy, physics, psychology, social science, translation and others. Successful candidates will be hired by the university offering the position and are expected to cooperate with existing research groups and to develop new lines of research, complementary to those already in place. Please note that these positions also entail teaching obligations.


In order to be eligible, candidates must hold a PhD and are expected to have an excellent record of publications in good venues in their fields, international exposure and have participated in competitive research projects. They should also have teaching experience. For associate professor positions, candidates must have at least three years of post-doctoral research experience.


For tenure-eligible lecturers, a fixed-term full-time contract is offered for a period of up to five years. At the end of the contract, the university undertakes a process to open a permanent position as associate professor provided that the candidate passes a positive evaluation. For associate professors, a full-time permanent contract is offered. The annual starting salary is currently 32,596.15 euros for a lecturer and 35,968.48 euros for an associate professor, before taxes. At the end of one's academic career, an associate professor can have doubled their starting salary if they receive positive assessments in teaching and research merit evaluations. Lecturers may also receive salary supplements for teaching and research merits. Contracts include health, retirement and unemployment benefits.

Selection process

The candidate selection process will have two steps. In the first step, the Serra Húnter Programme will transfer all information to the external agency AQU Catalunya, responsible for the assessment, accreditation and certification of quality in the public Catalan universities. AQU Catalunya will evaluate the candidate’s CV based on research and teaching merits following objective criteria (for more information please check http://www.aqu.cat/professorat/lector/proces_lector_en.html for lecturers and http://www.aqu.cat/professorat/agregat/proces_agregat_en.html for associate professors). Candidates that obtain favourable accreditation from AQU Catalunya will successfully pass the first step. The second step will then open with the formal call for applications by the university offering the position. This second step will have two phases. The first phase will consist of an analysis and assessment of the specific merits of each candidate and will be eliminatory. The second phase will consist of an interview to assess the suitability of the candidate for the position offered.

Please press on the "Apply now" button for further details and a complete list of available positions (section Second call for applications 2018).

For any questions please contact us at serrahunter@gencat.cat

The deadline for submitting applications is the 16th of September of 2018.

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