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Post-doctoral position in stem cell biology in pathological context
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Publié: il y a 8 jours
Date limite d'inscription: mars 31
Localisation: Paris, France
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Post-doctoral position in stem cell biology in pathological context

A Post doc cell biologist position is open at Institut Pasteur. The successful candidate will be involved in a project (ANR) with a 2 years fully funded project which can be prolonged. The successful candidate will work on muscle stem cells and will develop and apply tools to study the behaviour of those cells in normal and pathological (septic) context. The highly international and interdisciplinary environment of this topic is conducive for developing a large spectrum of skills at the interface between industrial and fundamental biology. An important part of this project will be to develop screening protocols for future biomedical applications but also studying the fundamental cellular mechanisms that drive muscle stem cells behaviour.

This project will be integrated in the histopathology laboratory directed by Pr. Fabrice Chretien that as the particularity of being both a research centre and a histology platform with high bonds with hospitals and other academic partners. This project is integrated with industrial partners and a biotechnology start-up. The project will have both fundamental and preclinical aspects.

Scientific context: Sepsis is the major cause of critical illness admission in intensive care units. Sepsis is due to severe infection associated with mortality in 60% of cases, and morbidity complicated by neuromyopathy with patients facing long-term disability including muscle weakness, bioenergetic failure, proteolysis and wasting. These processes are triggered by pro-inflammatory cytokines, anabolism/catabolism unbalance, and aggravated by denutrition and drugs. Skeletal muscle regeneration depends upon stem cells. We have shown that mitochondrial and metabolic alterations are linked with impaired stem cells function for extended periods of time after sepsis leading to inefficient muscle regeneration. Engrafting mesenchymal stem cells improved the septic status by decreasing cytokine levels, restoring mitochondrial and metabolic function in stem cells, and recovering the force of the muscle. These findings indicate that sepsis affects quiescent muscle stem cells, and that mesenchymal stem cells might act as preventive therapeutic approach for sepsis-related morbidity.

The selected candidate will have to further characterise this particular state of muscle stem cells during and after sepsis and will have to understand the fundamental basic cellular mechanisms that involved.

The candidate will have to:

  • Design, conduct and interpret experiments and data
  • Manage the project as well as a small team  (Master students, PhD)
  • Develop high-throughput technics
  • Communicate the results in meetings, scientific seminars, conferences and write articles/projects


  • A PhD. in biology
  • Cell biology skills (ex vivo and in vitro) as well as all basic molecular biology techniques must be mastered
  • In vivo approaches and animal handling is mandatory
  • Knowledge and skills in stem cell biology will be appreciated but not mandatory
  • Knowledge and skills in inflammation will be appreciated but not mandatory
  • A strong interest in multi disciplinal approaches
  • Excellent communication skills, team spirit, the capacity to work autonomously and deliver results on time, adaptability

To apply please send an email to with subject “postdoc application”, and a single pdf file including your CV, research interests and experience, and the name and contact of 2 to 3 references.

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Le format de fichier doit être .doc, .pdf, ou .rtf et le fichier ne peut pas dépasser 2 Mo au total.

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