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Institut des Sciences Analytiques (ISA)
Postdoctoral position in Computational Biophysics/Molecular Dynamics of multidomain proteins
Institut des Sciences Analytiques (ISA)
Institute of Analytical Sciences (ISA) is one of the largest european centers of research, training and expertise in this field.
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Localisation: Villeurbanne, France
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Postdoctoral position in Computational Biophysics/Molecular Dynamics of multidomain proteins


A postdoctoral position is available in the group "Biophysics of complex systems" (see http://olivier-walker.univ-lyon1.fr or http://olivier-walker.univ-lyon1.fr ) in Lyon (France) to work on the computational aspect of protein/protein interactions and/or the flexibility of multidomain proteins containing intrinsically disordered segments. The computational aspect should be connected to biophysical methods like NMR spin relaxation and/or SAXS, SANS. The successful candidate will be involved in a challenging project and will need to develop new approaches to combine experimental methods with advanced molecular dynamics sampling methods in the context of biomolecular interactions to better understand molecular recognition.


The successful candidate should hold a PhD in Physics, biophysics or physical chemistry and must have a high-quality expertise in standard computational methods. To this end, skills in physics and informatics with knowledge in some scripting and/or programing languages (e.g. Matlab, bash, python, C, C++) are crucial as well as knowledge with some molecular dynamics packages (e.g. AMBER, GROMACS, ACEMD, NAMD) and statistical physics. Understanding NMR methods and particularly spin relaxation is an advantage also. A contract of two years and financed by the French research agency is available starting immediately.

Motivated candidates should contact Dr. Olivier Walker (Olivier.walker@univ-lyon1.fr).


The Biosys group makes use of biochemistry, NMR and computational methods to explore bimolecular interactions and flexibility/plasticity of multidomain proteins. The "Institut des Sciences Analytiques" is a brand-new institute (opened in November 2012) which carry out cutting edge science with over 200 researchers. The successful candidate will benefit from several high field NMR (600 to 1000 MHz) spectrometers, several GPUs based computers dedicated to structure calculations and molecular dynamics and access to national computational infrastructures.


Lyon is the 3rd most populated city of France (http://www.en.lyon-france.com/Discover-Lyon). This charming city is located south east of France and has more than 2000 years of history. One can enjoy a huge number of cultural and entertaining events as well as gastronomy and fine dining. Lyon is located close to the Alps, making it the perfect spot to enjoy ski (1 hour from the first ski resorts), as well as the Mediterranean Sea (1.5 hours by train).

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