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Institut Curie
Post-Doc Position - Roles of Iron in the Epigenetic Regulation of EMT and the Maintenance of Cancer Stem Cells
Institut Curie
The mission of the Research Centre is to understand the complex workings of both normal and cancerous cells in their environment in an effort to find innovative and increasingly effective therapeutic approaches.
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Publié: il y a 1 mois
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Localisation: Paris, France
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Post-Doc Position - Roles of Iron in the Epigenetic Regulation of EMT and the Maintenance of Cancer Stem Cells

The Chemical Cell Biology Group, based at Institut Curie in Paris, is recruiting post-doctoral researchers to study the epigenetic regulation of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition mediated by iron in the context of cancer. This program is based on our recent finding that iron homeostasis is up-regulated in breast cancer stem-like cells and may act as an EMT driver. The successful candidate will join a multidisciplinary research environment including cell biology and chemistry, and will have access to unique tailor-made chemical probes as well as cutting-edge cell imaging and next generation sequencing facilities. The candidate is expected to have confirmed expertise in cell biology, chromatin biology, epigenetics and cancer. Expertise in genome editing and NGS is welcome. Applicants should send their CV along with a cover letter and contact details of at least two academic references to raphael.rodriguez@curie.fr.

Our website: https://science.institut-curie.org/team-rodriguez

Recent publications of the host team and relatives:

Trang Thi Mai, Ahmed Hamaï, Antje Hienzsch, Tatiana Cañeque, Sebastian Müller, Julien Wicinski, Olivier Cabaud, Christine Leroy, Amandine David, Verónica Acevedo, Akihide Ryo, Christophe Ginestier, Daniel Birnbaum, Emmanuelle Charafe-Jauffret, Patrice Codogno, Maryam Mehrpour*, Raphaël Rodriguez*. Salinomycin kills cancer stem cells by sequestering iron in lysosomes. Nature Chem. DOI: 10.1038/NCHEM.2778 (2017)

Emmanouil Zacharioudakis, Poonam Agarwal, Alexandra Bartoli, Nathan Abell, Lavaniya Kunalingam, Valérie Bergoglio, Blerta Xhemalce, Kyle M. Miller*, Raphaël Rodriguez*. Chromatin regulates genome targeting with cisplatin. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201701144R1 (2017)

Sebastian Müller, G. Almouzni*, Centromeric chromatin dynamics during the cell cycle. Nature Rev. Genet.18, 192 (2017)

Sebastian Müller, Tatiana Cañeque, Veronica Acevedo, R. Rodriguez*. Targeting cancer stem cells with small molecules. Invited for special issue on Wolf prize of Chemistry, Israel J of Chemistry DOI: 10.1002/ijch.201600109 (2017)

Nathan S. Abell, Marvin Mercado, Tatiana Cañeque, Raphaël Rodriguez*, Blerta Xhemalce*. Click quantitative mass spectrometry identifies PIWIL3 as a mechanistic target of RNA interference activator enoxacin in cancer cells. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139, 1400-1403 (2017)

Tatiana Cañeque, Filipe Gomes, Trang Thi Mai, Giovanni Maestri, Max Malacria, Raphaël Rodriguez*. Synthesis of marmycin A and investigation into its cellular activity. Nature Chem. 7, 744-751 (2015)

Raphaël Rodriguez*, Kyle M. Miller*. Unravelling the genomic targets of small molecules using high-throughput sequencing. Nature Rev. Genet. 15, 783-796 (2014)

Delphine Larrieu, Sébastien Britton, Mukerrem Demir, Raphaël Rodriguez*, Stephen P. Jackson*. Chemical inhibition of NAT10 corrects defects of laminopathic cells. Science 344, 527-532 (2014)

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Institut Curie
Institut Curie
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