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Two-year Postdoc position on coccolithophore biomineralization in microfluidic devices

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Natural sciences – biology, chemistry / Physical sciences – physics /


A two-year post-doctoral researcher position is available in the Molecular and Environmental Microbiology team (MEM, with Dr. Daniel Chevrier) at the Biosciences and biotechnology Institute of Aix-Marseille (BIAM, Saint Paul lez Durance, France).

The hired researcher will be expected to contribute to a project on the in-situ investigation of coccolithophore microalgae biomineralization (production of coccoliths, biosynthesized calcite-based biomineral) using microfluidic devices (ANR JCJC project: microCOCCO). Research tasks include design and fabrication of microfluidic devices for microalgae cultivation and in situ biomineralization studies. In addition to optical based microscopy performed in-house (laser confocal microscopy) to follow coccolith formation, microfluidic devices for microalgae will be adapted to synchrotron-based X-ray spectromicroscopy techniques (hard and soft X-ray microscopy beamlines located at Diamond Light Source, UK and ESRF, France). The main objective is to develop a methodology that enables native-state imaging of coccolithophore microalgae to capture physical and chemical information during the biomineralization process. With these tools and techniques, the project will examine the effects of varied nutrient conditions and media conditions in the context of environmental changes due to ocean acidification and other important factors that impact coccolith formation.


Expertise in one of the following is an asset: i) coccolithophore microalgae cultivation, ii) microfluidic device design and fabrication or iii) X-ray-based microscopy and spectroscopy. The candidate should hold a doctoral degree preferentially from physical sciences-related fields, be highly motivated to conduct research in the interdisciplinary field of biomineralization, and able to work independently but also cooperatively in a laboratory setting.


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03 JANUARY, 2022


The BIAM (UMR7265) is a highly interdisciplinary and international research environment located at the CEA research centre of Cadarache (St. Paul les Durance, France). It is affiliated with CEA, CNRS and Aix-Marseille University.


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Dr. Daniel M. Chevrier - daniel.chevrier@cea.fr - +33 4 42 25 35 70

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Two-year Postdoc position on coccolithophore biomineralization in microfluidic devices
Jardin du Pharo 58, bd Charles Livon, France
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