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Post-Doctoral position (Research Engineer) in « DRONE TRACKING: Automated drone application development for security purposes »

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Place Marseille (13013)

Duration 12 months

Institution IM2NP – Aix-Marseille University

Starting date January 2022

Contact H. AZIZA - hassen.aziza@univ-amu.fr


The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones in the military domain is not a new practice: for several decades, the development and operational use of reconnaissance drones has been a reality. In the civilian drone sector, drones have been spending the last decade bettering themselves, upgrading with the latest technology, and providing efficient services for surveillance and security applications. Civilian drones are now easier to handle and program, are more lightweight, and can prove to be excellent observers. Over the period 2012-2018, French drone manufacturers and operators experienced a growth of 900% according to the Erdyn[1] study. In 2018, 78% of the French civilian drone market in value was represented by professional drones, compared to 22% for recreational drones. In the field of surveillance and civil safety, there are many potential applications, including rescue operations in the event of natural disasters or large-scale accidents, monitoring of forest fires or sensitive sites, or private or public surveillance.

As far as civil safety and surveillance are concerned, the main clients are in the public sphere, with actors such as civil security, firefighters, or law enforcement. The field of civil safety/surveillance is a particular field for which the robustness and precision of detection and monitoring methods is a crucial criterion. In this context, DRONE TRACKING project aims to develop a real-time object tracking system based on the recovery of a GPS signal associated with a moving object.

Job Description:

Development of an automatic tracking system based on a drone and a GPS tracker (electronic chip equipped with a GPS and a communication interface). Software developments including the development of an Android application for the control of the drone are expected. The development of a basic server-side application (PHP/Node.JS) for the recovery of data from the tracker is part of the job.

The operating diagram of the system is presented Figure 1: a transmitter associated with a moving target (vehicle) transmits geolocation data to a data server. The mobile application recovers geolocation data (GPS coordinates) by connecting to the data server. The mobile application transmits the GPS coordinates to the drone. Finally, the drone adjusts its position from the geolocation information received to accurately track the target. Note that an operational Android application is already available. At this level, a set of optimizations of the application are required.


Figure 1 – Communication system

Applicant profile:

Graduate of an engineering school, computer science school, electronics or equivalent. A specialization in software development will be appreciated or a first professional/academic experience (projects) in the field. Position open to a post-doctoral students.

Contact and position related information:

Interested individuals should send CV, cover letter by e-mail to:



Duration: 12 months

Salary: from 2100 to 2466 € gross (~1687 to 1982 € net) according to experience.

Place: Laboratoire IM2NP (https://www.im2np.fr), Technopôle de Château Gombert

05, Rue Enrico Fermi - Bât Fermi, Marseille, France

[1] https://www.erdyn.com

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Post-Doctoral position (Research Engineer) in « DRONE TRACKING: Automated drone application development for security purposes »
Jardin du Pharo 58, bd Charles Livon, France
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