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Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences (GIN), France

Call for junior and senior group leaders

The Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences (GIN), an outstanding research center devoted to understanding brain functions and the development of innovative clinical therapies for neurological, neuromuscular and psychiatric disorders, is welcoming applications for positions as junior and senior group leaders.

The GIN has more than 6.000 m2 dedicated to research in Neuroscience in close proximity to many high level research centers, offering a unique opportunity for the development of trans-disciplinary projects. Twelve research teams host 240 researchers, clinicians, students and technicians. The GIN is equipped with state-of-the-art technology platforms such as MRI, EEG, TMS, a photonic imaging center (PIC-GIN), and electron microscopy providing the necessary resources for high standard and innovative research.

Research at the GIN spans from brain development to adult brain plasticity, from the molecular to the most integrated levels, using cell lines, animal models or directly on humans. Currently studied pathologies of the adult nervous system include Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, epilepsy, vascular disorders, mood and anxiety disorders.

For further information visit: (sorry, the English version is currently under construction)

The candidates are expected to develop an independent and high quality research program within the Institute.

Junior positions: the Institute is offering a start-up package and laboratory space for up to 6 persons. Candidates should hold a PhD and/or an MD degree, have strong postdoctoral experience and meet criteria to obtain national (ANR, Atip-Avenir, FRM Amorçage, etc.) and international funding, and a French research institutional position (Inserm, CNRS).

Senior positions: the Institute is offering a start up package and laboratory space for up to 12 persons. Candidates should have previous experience as principal investigator of research projects with national and/or international funding, and hold a French institutional research position (Hospital, University, Inserm, CNRS).

Applications (in English) should be sent before March 1st, 2017 to A single pdf file should include a curriculum vitae with the list of publications, names and addresses of three references (3 pages max), a brief description of research accomplishments and research plans for the next 5 years (5 pages max).

Grenoble is a very active research city in France, with renowned Institutes such as the European Synchrotron ESRF, the EMBL, the Institute of Structural Biology (IBS) and the Institue Louis Néel in Physics allowing multidisciplinary approaches to the GIN’s scientists. Grenoble University has about 70,000 students, is among the top five French universities and was ranked as the best place to study in 2013.

Grenoble has a population of more than 650,000 and is located in the southeast of France, in the heart of the Alp mountains. Grenoble is three hours from Paris by train and less than one hour from renowned skiing areas.

Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences

Le GIN fédère les équipes grenobloises spécialisées dans l’étude des processus physiologiques ou pathologiques du système nerveux et le développement de techniques innovantes pour les explorer.

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